DC team on a scavenger hunt company adventure cityHUNT is the scavenger hunt company that plans team-building, social and public scavenger hunts in New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and other cities. Founded in the fall of 2000 in New York City,  cityHUNT specializes in offering new and innovative programs for companies, organizations and other groups who want to strengthen their teams. The company has achieved a list of fortune 500 clients, who select cityHUNT events as their team building activity of choice.

A good scavenger hunt takes individuals out of their typical work environment and into a fun, carefree environment where they can actually enjoy each others company. The scavenger hunt company puts together a customized hunt based on your company’s culture and team dynamics. Your team will then take off on a mission throughout the city. Teams solve riddles, uncover clues and explore the mysteries of their hometown.

cityHUNT also provides you with skills and tools to help improve your experience in the workplace. When a team building scavenger hunt is complete, cityHUNT will provide you with a evaluation on your performance so you can see areas where your team can improve and areas where your team is already excelling.

In addition to team building scavenger hunts, cityHUNT also puts together social scavenger hunts which are perfect adventures for bachelor or bachelorette parties, birthdays and weddings. For charitable organizations, the scavenger hunt company will put together a unique adventure that can raise both funds and awareness for your cause.

Throughout the year in select locations, there are also public scavenger hunts–perfect if you are an individual adventure seeker or if you have a small group that wants to participate in a scavenger hunt together. cityHUNT even has a mobile app for iPhone and Andriod, so you can do a fun scavenger hunt on your own.

No matter which scavenger hunt adventure you choose, you will have a unique, fun and memorable experience. For customized and public hunts, cityHUNT provides each team with a packet of rules and instructions, plus a digital camera to document your adventure. Scavenger hunts last between one and a half hours to three hours. At the end of the hunt, teams reconvene at the conclusion for a fun multi-media slide show highlighting the day’s activities as well as an award ceremony.