VHL Alliance Picture Safari

Date: September 6th, 2014

VHL Alliance color match

Location: West Village, NYC

About the Cause: The VHL Alliance (VHLA, www.vhl.org) is a 501c3 non-profit organization is dedicated to research, education, and support to improve diagnosis, treatment, and quality of life for those affected by VHL. VHL or von Hippel-Lindau is a genetic form of cancer. VHL patients battle a series of tumors throughout their lives. The VHL gene is involved in many other forms of cancer. Curing VHL is one step closer to curing cancer! For more information please see the video below!

Description: Have an adventure of a lifetime, meet new people, explore, take photos, all while raising money for a great cause? Is it possible? Oh it is if you partake in this event!

This 2 hour picture safari will have you exploring New York City like never before! Adventure through the streets while solving puzzles, clues and riddles to get you to your next destination. During the scavenger hunt you will photo-document your entire odyssey with a camera that we provide!

When the picture safari fun is over relax at our Wrap-up Party; where we will announce our scavenger hunt and prize winners.

For more information on New York City Scavenger Hunts please click here.

Meeting place: Downtown Galway Hooker, 133 7th Avenue S, New York, NY  10014

Registration time: 1:00-1:45

Hunt Time: 2:00-4:00

Hunting Grounds: West Village

End Location:  Downtown Galway Hooker, 133 7th Avenue S, New York, NY  10014

Wrap up Party:  4:00 – 6:00 – including Drink Specials: $4 wine and beer are available at the after party

Price: $40 

Ticket Purchase: