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cityHUNT‘s San Francisco team building programs are both fun and unexpected. This city’s beautiful scenery, architecture and buzzing atmosphere, makes San Fran adventures truly unique.


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Why Hunt San Francisco?

Are you looking for a place where you can hang out on the beaches all day? Well San Francisco offers this plus so much more! Along with the beaches there are cable cars to take rides on, the Golden Gate Park to enjoy, the gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge and you also have the opportunity to experience what it was like the be a prisoner in Alcatraz in the early 1930’s.

No other place can capture your heart like San Francisco.  Be carried aware in excitement as you traverse the hills and the heart of this beautiful city.

 What Makes San Francisco an Awesome Hunting Ground:

  • The diversity of people you interact with
  • Alcatraz! Once one of the most fearsome locations on the planet and now the focus of many a fun excursion out into the bay.
  • The Star Fleet Headquarters in Star Trek is located just north of San Francisco!
  • Observe the amazing Coit tower and imagine what it was like chasing fires
  • Shake one of the Shaking Man’s six hands in Yerba Buena Gardens

 Awesome Clients in San Francisco 

  • Google
  • Flight
  • Apple

Fun Facts about San Francisco

  • Denim jeans were invented in San Francisco for Gold Rush miners across California
  • The original United Nations charter was drafted and signed in San Francisco.
  • The Golden Gate Bridge is a top tourist spot in San Francisco. It is the world’s second longest single span bridge.


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