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This Costal Desert is awaiting your exploration. it is time for you to have some fun in the sun! So get adventuring through LA, and see all that this magnificent city has to offer.


If you do not see the neighborhood you are looking for don’t fear! We can create it, just let us know you want an alternative location.

How a cityHUNT Scavenger Hunt  Adventure Works:

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Experience Los Angeles like never before, or for the first time.


Why Hunt LA?

Stars are made in this Tinseltown.  Add your groups’ character to the many faces of Hollywood as you explore it’s history and glamour.
  • It is home to the West Coast “Hollywood”, Hollywood
  • Coastal Desert
  • Who knows what you will see!
  • Amazing skyline and architecture around the city
  • Media, entertainment and fashion hub of our country
  • Wide diversity of Culture
  • The weather, let’s face it, it is beautiful!

 What Makes Los Angeles an Alluring Hunting Ground:

  • Los Angeles has some 90 stage theaters and more than 300 museums, which is greater than any other city in the US
  • Los Angeles comprises of a large and diverse population. Here, you will find more than 88 vibrant mini-cities and communities
  • Los Angeles is considered to be the world’s entertainment center. Here, on an everyday basis, there are over 100 movie and television production crews shooting for their respective soaps/films on location

Fantastic LA Clients:

  • Revenue Frontier
  • Media Design Group
  • Shopzilla

Fun Facts about Los Angeles:

  • Los Angeles is the the most populous city in the U.S. state of California and the second most populous in the United States, after New York City
  • Los Angeles is regarded as the entrepreneurial capital of the world. It has about 200,000 small businesses, which is twice as many small businesses that can be found in any other region of the United States
  • Twenty-four million people visit Los Angeles every year for vacation

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