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Come visit Washington D.C for the first time, or revisit places you have already been; either way you will be experiencing a unique twist on the city.


If you do not see the neighborhood you are looking for don’t fear! We can create it, just let us know you want an alternative location.

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How a Scavenger Hunt Adventure Works:

Experience the sights and sounds of Washington DC like never before.  Learn how our hunts work: please click here. 

Why Hunt Washington D.C? 

  • To experience the  History of America
  • You want to see streets that go in a circle ( at least they have a distinct pattern, unlike Boston!)
  • Search your soul in blues alley
  • To visit the National Mall

What Makes Washington D.C an unforgettable?

  • It is full of historical buildings and breathtaking views
  • Home of The Smithsonian Institute’s National Air & Space Museum which is the most popular museum in the world after attracting 219 million visitors
  • Oh, and the President of the United States lives here!

 A Few Fantastic Clients in DC

  • Navy Federal
  • Phacil
  • Capital One
  • ExxonMobil

Fun Facts about Washington D.C:

    • The Library of Congress, the biggest library in the country, contains 535 miles of bookshelves. In the Reading Room alone there are 45,000 reference books.
    • The Pentagon has 17.5 miles of hallways
    • Washington DC was voted the most walkable US city in 2007 

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Scavenger Hunt Washington DC | Scavenger Hunt Washington D.C.

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