nyc scavenger hunt, team building, central parkWhere to HUNT this Fall

While running with 20,000 other Manhattanites during last Sunday’s Race for a Cure… it hit me! Not the sharp pains of my discovering the difficulties of waking up, eating left over McDonalds and deciding that, today’s the day I run in my first 5K. Not quite; it happened when pulling aside from the somewhat front, of the middle, of the running pack, when I took a look around at the waves of pink flooding my surrounding and decided, “Wow, this is going to be a great season to cityHUNT in Central Park.” There’s a serenity of Central Park that pulls you out of the, at times, graying city. We all want to escape our cubicles and boardrooms, but ask where is the best place to wander. In the vibrant colors of fall, let our Central Park Ultimate Adventure brighten up your office blues. Follow this link to check out our recommended Central Park cityHUNT, and all of our New York City Adventures  

Talent Beyond the HUNT

cityHUNT harbors talent beyond Scavenger Hunt Connoisseurs; our very own Nathan Langston has composed a ballet, which will premiere in NYC this October. Satellite Ballet is a new face in contemporary dance; daring the direction of classical dance in a multimedia age. Decadence, heroism and human connection thread the trilogy; while the production combines all the staples of the Satellite Ballet – high intensity graphics, fiery musical performance and athletic, highly musical choreography. Please check out for tickets, the trailer, posters, and more on Satellite Ballet.  

PlayWorks, Recess is Just Beginning

Before packing up lunch boxes and sending the kids back to class, cityHUNT stomped around NYC with a new client, who provides more than just fun and games. For a little inspiration of their own, PlayWorks took part in an Ultimate Adventure that brought team members together, and taught us a little something about recess. Why Play Matters PlayWorks is a national nonprofit organization, with the dual responsibility of making recess fun, safe and inclusive for everyone to play – while also making it play useful for teachers as they pick their kids up from the recess yard. This transition of organized recess as a safe and fun time translates into an additional 36 hours of instructional time given back in the classroom! So we asked “What do you see as the most problematic issue, as a result of the downfall of recess?” PlayWorks has found that if you were to walk on to a playground, throw out a bunch of equipment, kids will just look at it. Not one will make move to try and use any of the equipment, even more disappointing, the children hardly know what to do with it. In this day and age, students don’t understand how to take advantage of recess like we used to. The Playground has turned into an exclusive place, excluding other students from play because of race, ethnicity, gender or any other separation. Although young people are playful by nature, it doesn’t mean they actually know how to play; this is why PlayWorks exists, to provide children with options, the ability to learn if they want to learn and to join, if they want to join. Straight from the PlayWords Play Book There is a little bit of old school play in every PlayWorks’ game; redefining old recess games, such as Tag, which lately, has been tagged taboo. However, PlayWorks gives students new language for their games so they can take ownership of their recess and learn to do it on their own. We’re all kids at heart, so what can we do to jump in and get involved? PlayWorks is always looking for talented and interested individuals. There are many ways to team up with PlayWorks; universities and organizations have partnered up, sending students and employees to support recess, community members can volunteer at jamborees, and teams can help out at developmental sports leagues throughout the many cities. Lastly use your best on the spot, improv-game skills and create a new challenge for cityHUNTers Capture a game of tag, in the middle of a public place, tagging all strangers you run by to play! Visit PlayWorks and discover WHY PLAY MATTERS, and how you can get involved.  

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Thanks & Happy Hunting From the cityHUNT team.