Scavenger Hunt 11.05.11

Holy Schamoly!

You knew that you were buying an absolutely wild adventure from LivingSocial Adventures, but we bet that you didn’t know that we were going to throw in such a perfect autumn day in one of the most spectacular cities in the history of the world to boot! How bonkers! And oh my goodness gracious! The pictures that you and your teams took were PRICELESS and ought to be framed and hung in museums from here unto the ends of the earth. SO! Sit back, relax and bask in the sublimity of…

Will we all fit? Hmm... Maybe we should take the bus.

LivingSocial Adventures’ 

(Totally Mind Blowing) 

Picture Safari Extravaganza!


NYFD... Heroes all!

Firstly, we want to give a very big shout out (a little what! what!) to all of the splendid LivingSocial Adventures Staff who helped make this event freakishly bannanas. You probably don’t need to be reminded, because you probably already know, but LivingSocial Adventures is such a unimpeachably radical organization bringing you the very bomb-diggity-est events at almost embarrrasingly low prices! Ha! Plus, free tickets to an all day event for the winning team (not to mention LivingSocial Deal Bucks, water bottles, sweet shades, and all manner of wicked bric-a-brac)? Just. Plain. Awesome. 

cityHUNT is the lady. LivingSocial's the mannequin!

And so, as you can imagine, it takes quite a while to upload all of these (fabulous) photos but we expect to have them all up by Friday. So keep checking back in and eventually you’ll see an album with your team’s name on it! You can download them, share them, put em up on Facebook, whatever you like!

Hello World!!

Here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to go to Once you get there, you’re log-in e-mail is [email protected]  and your password is cityhunt

Easy Peasy!

These pictures are pregnant with possibility!

If you know everyone who was on your team, make sure that you let them know to visit this site so that they can see the pictures as well (IE: Be Social)! If there was someone on your team that you didn’t know and don’t have contact info for, please be ever so kind as to write us and let us know so that we can make sure they get access as well.


Seriously y’all, it was so splendid to get to hang out with every one of you. We at LivingSocial Adventures and cityHUNT hope that you had yourself an unforgettably bombastic and triumphant afternoon. All our love to you and yours,


LivingSocial Adventures & cityHUNT

Ladies... you're very welcome!

CH:LS Final Scores 11_05_11.