Halloween is a favorite event for the cityHUNT team, bringing to life our childhood dreams of becoming pirates, firefighters and even hollywood actors…can you say Winning?!

Since it is always our style to go BIG or go home, we are relentless in our battle for spreading Halloween cheer. And so, we pass on to you, the secrets to throwing down on Halloweekend.

 The DIY Costume

…without looking like Halloween snuck up on you again this year.

Keyboard Cat

What would Halloween be without one of our favorite youtube videos making an appearance at the party? You’ll surely be leader of the cat-pack on Halloween, showing off your ingenuity and talent all night. Take notes from the original: Keyboard Cat Video What you’ll need: 1. Keyboard (duh!) – If you misplaced your Casio (yes, it was the 90s, we allll had them) then get creative. Nothing like humming the whole party as you totally rock your cardboard-keyboard. 2. Head to toe leopard print or go the black cat route. Throw on your best pair of cat ears, and paint on some whiskers. Meoooowwww. Couples costume? Dueling Pianos, Cats vs. Dogs.  


Arrrrrrghhhh you ready to have some fun? Whether you’re into talking parrots, rum drinking or just wish you were on a boat, as a pirate for Halloween, you’re basically the hidden treasure of the party. What you’ll need: 1. Pirate Patch – just as pirates wore patches for instant night vision as they navigated into dark caves and under darker skies – you’re pirate patch will allow for quick transition from the city lights to the blindingly dark clubs on Halloween. 2. Don’t shower after hitting the gym – that grease and sweat makes for the winning combination for lovely pirate locks to perch your pirate hat on and the saltiness on your skin makes for a genuine touch, as if you had been sailing the 7 seas all decade. 3. Lastly, it’s time to accessorize. Don’t feel as though you’ll have to buy any clothes, just visit your nearest Occupy Wall Street tent city, barter for their clothes, you’ll have an authentic dingy look, with many of the 18th century stylings. Also, eye liner. Men & women unite – the darker more smokey-eyed you go, the more feared pirate you become.  

The Superhero

You’ve arrived and you are kind of a big deal. You’re here to save the life of the party. To eliminate villainous party poopers. And to show off how great you look in tights. Every day you leave work feeling like Wonder Woman and Super Man, now it’s time to let the world see just how super you are. But please, if you’re doing it yourself, you must be your Super Self. No Catwomen, Robins and Batmans allowed. What you’ll need: 1. Glitter, Sequins, Shiny Nylons, Tights – pair, layer, repeat. No one ever fought crime in a sweatsuit. 2. Cape – bedsheets, bath towels or curtains. It all was so easy when we were kids, jumping on the bed trying to fly, let’s relive those moments. 3. Kick Butt Boots – stilettos, and/or motorcycle boots, go hard with the bedazzling.  

Brawny Man

Because the Lumberjack Costume was so 2009-Flannel Craze, we upped it a notch. Really no time left to even look at construction paper and cut out an angry-birds beak? Well we have your solution. What you’ll need: 1. Red Flannel: we know your closet is already armed with an arsenal, so choose your weapon. 2. A roll of Brawny Paper Towels: just in case someone mistakenly judges you for NOT wearing a costume. 3. Don’t expect to go freely around the party, I’m sure your host has plans for the versatile, soft and and strong layers of Brawny Paper Towels. Wait, maybe you could be a Superhero too- Party Foul Fixer.  

Get Down BOO-gy.

A Halloween Playlist – we encourage workplaces to blast this over their systems, as a true Halloweekend send off… 1. Lady Gaga – Monster 2. Jace Everett – Bad Things 3. Bobby Pickett – Monster Mash 4. MJ – Thriller (classsssic!) 5. Stevie Wonder – Superstition 6. Rocky Horror Picture Show – The Time Warp 7. Glee’s Rendition of Rocky Horror Picture Show – The Time Warp (it’s just that good!) 8. Duran Duran – Hungry Like the Wolf 9. Rick James – Super Freak  

What’s Halloween without the Candy?

We’ve polled the school yard children, and the results are in. What is the best Halloween Candy? Let us show you our findings. Top of the Charts:

KING-SIZED anything

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (…like we even needed to ask?)

Butterfingers – Crunch Bars – Snickers (chocolatey deliciousness,  children will grab at them all)

Bottom of the Charts:

Anything parent’s will make kids throw away (that oddly rewrapped tootsie roll, the sandwich bag of swedish fish? Um, we think not.)

Energy Bars (hellllo, children, sugar = energy, way too much energy)

Fruit and Juice Boxes (if they wanted this, children would ask their parent to pack them a lunch instead of walking chaperoned miles around the neighborhood)

cityHUNT wishes everyone a Safe, Spooky and Spectacular Halloween this year. Remember it’s time to dress up and be awesome this weekend.

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Thanks & Happy Hunting From the cityHUNT team.