Chinatown / Little Italy

Although the city is no longer characterized by its ethnic neighborhoods, these two sister neighborhoods haven’t let go of their history and stories that make them unique to all other parts of the city.   Venture through the streets that will bring you back to the roots of this booming city, while building deep relationships with your fellow team members.   cityHUNT’s number one priority is to keep your team smiling and having a great time the entire hunt. We will build your team building adventure around your specific goals and company culture to ensure that your experience is as powerful as it is memorable!         “cityHUNT gave us the opportunity to explore our city in ways we would have never imagined. The creativity and originality of our challenges (and our own innovation) far exceeded our expectations. It was a great event for our summer associates, and one that we will look forward to again next year…without a doubt.”   Rebecca Linden Assistant to Director of Recruiting

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