To Manage your website:
The first thing you will do is login: Once you login… You will see the “dashboard” Everything you will be managing on the website will be found in the left hand side bar. The “Post” section manages your your News  & The City Galleries Media: is a collection of all the data files we have uploaded {jpeg, pdf files, etc…} Links: we currently do not use this section Pages: This manages all the pages on the website as wel as the client galleries Comments: this is where you will manage the comments from the blog post. You can ignor this for now. Appearance, Plugins, Users, Tools & Settings: These sections control the website Testimonials Collection on the home page: This is managed under settings>message ticker manage the random page quotes here To Manage Pages: Click on pages> click the name of the page you will be editing Once you are on “edit pages” screen You will have the ability to Change the page title Edit the content Change the page status You can manage the location of the page by managing the “Page Attributes” On Every page… You have the ability to add page titles, descriptions & keywords. “you can do this in the All in One SEO Pack… Which is located on each edit page if you scroll down. To Add images: Place your curser in the location you would like your image to appear. On the edit page, you will see “upload/insert” {which is just below the page title} the first icon allows you to upload images, documents, pdfs. Click on that icon > choose files to upload > insert into post. To Add Links: Highlight the word{s} you would like to link. Once you do this the “chain link icon” will become activated. Click on this icon and you will have the option to add the url of the destination link.
To add a new client gallery: go to pages> add new title the page click the button that says HTML {then paste the gallery code} Then click the Publish button on the right. To add a Neighborhood {under city} 1. go to post 2. click on add new 3. title the Neighborhood 4. select the category {on the right} 5. paste all the html for the example Neighborhood 6. then upload 2 images. 1. thumbnail {show in the slider…100pxX100px} to upload thumbnail. go upload / insert > select file to upload > copy the URL of that image and cop into the custom field section. 7. publish the Neighborhood