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July 2011

cityHUNT Presents: Public Urban Adventures in LA, NYC and Philadelphia

So you have done your due diligence in trying to get your company to participate in a cityHUNT team building event; sending anonymous cityHUNT plastered emails, handing in cryptic proposals –even bringing your lunch in a treasure chest…but nothing is working? Well finally, your adventure is right around the corner. Grab a friend …or team of four and sign up for a cityHUNT Public Urban Adventure in the city nearest you. This 12-Step challenge will have you tackling the city streets and talking to strangers, all on your quest to becoming the Ultimate Champion. Check out our public event pages to find the schedule for upcoming Public Urban Adventures. Los Angeles: http://www.cityhunt.org/public-events-in-la/ New York City: http://www.cityhunt.org/public-events-in-nyc/ …coming soon to Philadelphia!

Oh HEY, NYC – get the hook up and sign up for this Saturday, July 16th’s West Village Public Urban Adventure. Yes, we are giving you the secret link to gateway you to our majorly discounted tickets. We really don’t want you to miss this event!


cityHUNT is Hunting for Non-Profits Organizations and Local Charities

Objective: Changing the world, one scavenger hunt at a time. How? Partnering with the world’s best corporations, organizations and people to spread awareness and funds. You in? Contact Chelsea with more information about your organization and we will work together in creating a unique, memorable and entertaining fundraising event. cityHUNT is looking to build public events in all cities across the US and this is where your organization will come in. Become our official Urban Adventure Partner and our scavenger hunt will help raise proceeds and increase your reach within your community!

Break out from your Cubicle!

Upon recent return from cityHUNT-ing in a far off, beautiful land, we realized you should escape too! When it comes to team building and raising office morale to new heights – a breath of fresh tropical air will do the trick! Whether you are looking for an outing to send stellar employees or making a wish list of travel destinations, Little Dix Bay must top your list. Situated on Little Dix Bay in the British Virgin Islands, besides a clear blue bay filled with brightly colored fish and friendly loggerhead sea turtles, this Rosewood resort offers the perfect mix of leisure, excitement and keeping in tune with its beautiful surroundings. Read more about why Rosewood’s Little Dix Bay, is the perfect getaway for you on our cityHUNT blog:http://www.cityhunt.org/blog/

Hunting with Wiencek + Associates –Foundations for a Greener Future

As always, we want to brag about how awesome our client’s are. Wiencek + Associates are not only Ultimate Adventure champions, recently tackling the streets of Washington D.C., they are championing the architectural world; transforming our neighborhoods and the communities in which we live. Practicing sustainable design, Wiencek + Associates are creating projects that not only help you live green but live in, work in, & play in beautiful, environmentally conscious buildings. Our friends at Wiencek + Associates are green communities experts. With 2  certified facilitators on staff; their experience and expertise in sustainable building practices will improve health, save energy and utility costs, as well as maintain a positive, balanced relationship between the natural and social environment. cityHUNT aims to make change in the world we live… and we proudly applaude Wiencek + Associates for making a difference in people’s lives. Check out some of their projects! http://www.wiencek-associates.com/featured-work/

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Thanks & Happy Hunting From the cityHUNT team.