Build Your Team Stronger

The success of your company relies heavily on the success of your individual employees. However, your employees aren’t working on their own; they should be working as a team. This is why it can be important to use corporate teambuilding exercises to ensure your employees are able to work effectively together for the benefit of your company.

At cityHUNT, we create a customized scavenger hunt or treasure hunt for companies located in: BaltimoreChicagoLos AngelesNYCPhiladelphiaSan Francisco and Washington DC. These events will help your team to become a stronger team force by:

  • Including everyone
  • Fostering teamwork and creativity
  • Building deeper relationships
  • Boosting morale
  • Entertaining AND educating
  • Encouraging everyone to work together
  • Bringing everyone to the same level
  • Bolstering workplace happiness

Customizable Experience

We understand how important team building is to the success of a company. We also realize how different every company can be. This is why we provide a customized scavenger hunt or treasure hunt for your company. Each hunt incorporates the character of the location in which it takes place. Then we work with you to build an adventure based on your company’s culture and team goals. The end result is a completely customized experience designed for your teams specific needs.

More Than Just a Scavenger Hunt

Here at cityHUNT we don’t just want to sell you a scavenger hunt and send you on your way after the event. We want to provide you with skills, tools and knowledge to help you improve your experience at work (and if we are really lucky even in your personal life).

We want to change the world, one scavenger hunt at a time

Ok, so changing the world is no easy feat, but we can easily change the lives of those we work with. Helping others to build deeper, meaningful relationships, become more productive and improve workplace happiness is our true mission; which we incorporate into EVERY adventure that we do.


After your group has completed the team building scavenger hunt, we will sit down with you and the rest of your team to evaluate your performace. We will help you to see the areas in which your team still needs improvement and where your team performed well. With the help of these evaluations you will be able to easily see the benefits of our teambuilding exercises.