Hidden_City_Philadelphia___AboutWe’ve got a secret and we don’t want to keep it! Here at cityHUNT we are on always on the hunt for others who love to explore urban landscapes in unique ways. We want to share a company with you that is devoted to doing exactly that. Hidden City Philadelphia is devoted to sharing the hidden attractions within the city through tours and special events. Hidden City has a knack for finding gems from the past that still linger practically unnoticed in their cities. If you love Philadelphia but are tired of going to the same spots in the city then you should consult Hidden City because they have found some jewels in the city of brotherly love!

Founded by Philadelphia native, Thaddeus Squire, Hidden City is turning the city inside out and they want to take you on their exploration! While the company provides amazing events and tours which inform the public of lesser known and sometime neglected sections of the city; their mission goes far beyond this. Through promotion of these amazing parts of Philadelphia, Hidden City hopes to act as an engine for economic progress, community service, and development within these areas. Hidden City will take you to sites that you won’t find on your average Philadelphia tour. They also work to bring to light historical sites as well as up and coming people and places within the city.


Hidden City also produces the online magazine Daily. This publication covers Philadelphia centric current events and consistent with their style, Daily aims to bring lesser known current events to the public eye. Alongside this content, they also cover Hidden City events and keep their readers up to date with all of the current happenings of the company.

If you think that Hidden City is as awesome as we do then check out the spectacular event that we are partnering with them on for October 5th. We are joining forces in order to put on a public event in Old City that will allow participants to enjoy the fun and challenging hunts that cityHUNT throws while also getting a taste of the type of explorative event that Hidden City is known for.

 Let’s help start the engine behind Hidden City to help them succeed in all of their endeavors!

Click here to learn more about this event!


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