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August 2011

team building, scavenger huntWelcome to The Ultimate Game Show

Have you sent in audition tapes to The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, and even A Minute to Win it, with no call back? Did you fry your brain testing for Jeopardy only to find out the contestant next to you is GOOGLE in human-form?

Well the drought is over; we’re making it rain trivia, factoids and buzzers all over your office… serving up hot competition between the different teams of your company, to see just who will be name Ultimate Game Show Champions.

Looking to deliver your next quarterly meeting or educational session in that pronounced and alluring game show host voice? We have you covered. Check out more information on bringing The Ultimate Game Show to your team, and let the games begin!


Not going to Monaco Anytime Soon? We’re Bringing the Grand Prix to you…

So you and your co-workers feel pretty good about your performance in your cityHUNT event, don’t you?

Well then, why not test your scavenger hunting prowess against the New York public at large in cityHUNT’s first NYC Public Adventure, entitled: The West Village Bohemian Grand Prix.

Do you have what it takes to beat out a rabid pack of Manhattan natives? Do you have the sheer moxie and intellect that it takes to win? Do you have a smart phone and a comfortable pair of shoes? Then join us on Saturday, September 24th to put your money where your mouth is! Everyone is welcome!

Find out more by visiting:


Dog Days of Summer; cityHUNTing with ASPCA

We’re wagging our tails and rolling over after teaming up with ASPCA; learning more about their mission, we truly think this organization is something to bark about!

The American Society fir the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is the voice to end animal cruelty; the first to be established in North America and is, today, one of the largest in the world. The ASPCA incorporates many different programs and services in their effort to end animal cruelty…

Now that you have our tails wagging, how can we get involved? Donating and volunteering are two basic and easy ways to help! Using social networks to help spread the word about animal cruelty is another great way to help make others aware of issues. When looking to bring a new pet into your home, we ask that you make adoption your first option. There are so many animals in shelters that would love to join your family. Visit  to find adoptable cats and dogs in a shelter near you!

cityHUNT is all about photo challenges & the ASPCA is hosting a HUGE $100K Challenge Photo Contest, tell us more! The ASPCA $100K Challenge is a contest that inspires to innovate and stretch to save more lives. Fifty competing shelters from across the country will work to save at least 300 more animals during the months of August, September, and October 2011 – than they did over the same months in 2010. Additionally, anyone who adopted, fostered, volunteered or reclaimed a lost pet from a $100K Challenge contestant during the challenge can enter this year’s $100K Challenge Photo and Video Contest where fifteen grand prize winners will be selected…

A little birdie’s tweeting about ASPCA’s cityHUNT experience: “The ASPCA had tons of fun during our cityHUNT, they definitely are the ‘top dog’ of scavenger hunt parties!”

Read the complete ASPCA interview on our blog; find out more on how The ASPCA is conquering animal cruelty across the US, how YOU can participate in the $100K Photo Challenge Contest and how to find some puppy (or kitty) love in an adoption center by you. Read More Here!



The Light at the End of the Summer Tunnel is Quickly Approaching…

Bummed? Tremendously. We know these are the days where you just sit and stare out the window, longing to soak up the last of the summer sun. But cityHUNT is here to lift your spirits.

Maybe this isn’t the motivational push you needed – but it will distract you from clock-watching and counting down the hours until your beach side, sipping on something sweet…and strong!

No Longer Settle for Ordinary…Or taking the elevator:

The Trick to Billboard’s Top 100:

For Music that Fits Snugger than your Favorite Pair of Jeans:

What’s your Fridge Say about You?



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Thanks & Happy Hunting From the cityHUNT team.