2014.04.09 BASF HiLine CityHunt

2014.04.09 BASF HiLine CityHunt  

2013.12.05 McCann Morristown VIP Picture Safari

2013.12.05 McCann Morristown VIP Picture Safari  

Re-Vamping the Age Old Holiday Party

Bored of the same old office holiday party every year. Come on, we’ve all been to at least one, and you might even be planning a holiday party for your office right now. Leave the days of sub par baked goods and awkward conversation behind. Try something more exciting that will prove to not only […]

Understanding Your Corporate Culture

These days the words corporate culture are being thrown around a lot. If you work in the corporate world you’ve probably heard it before, and guess what? You’ve got one. Even if you don’t realize it every organization has a unique culture. Right now you may be thinking, what is mine? How do I find […]

2013.09.24 Starwood Midtown Safari

2013.09.24 Starwood Midtown Safari    

Community Wealth Partners Dupont Photo Safari

Community Wealth Partners Dupont Photo Safari    

BeachMint Hunt

BeachMint Hunt      

2013.07.31 LPL Midtown Ultimate Adventure      

2013.07.30 Frette CP Adventure

2013.07.30 Frette Central Park Adventure  

7.25.2013 Jones Lang LaSalle

7.25.2013 Jones Lang LaSalle DC Hunt    

Tribute to Vicki Salemi and the Benefits of Team Building Scavenger Hunts

An adept writer with an impressive background took interest in cityHUNT. Vicki Salemi writes in her article Get out of the Office on a cityHUNT Team-Building Scavenger Hunt, “Meet cityHUNT (, a team-building scavenger hunt company that’s an antidote to mundane days at dreary desks.” Salemi’s charming article emphasizes the benefits of a team-building scavenger hunt that cityHUNT has […]

2013.07.25 Everyday Health SoHo Adventure

2013.07.25 Everyday Health Soho Adventure

2013.05.13 Capital One DC Safari

2013.05.13 Capital One DC Safari  

The value of Team building: Through the eyes of a skeptic

There have been numerous article written on the value of team building and the importance of what it teaches the employees.  However, there have been few articles (at least that I have come across) that have been written from the view point of someone who actually participated in a team building activity. Vanessa Merit Nornberg of Inc. […]

NPR is rocked by cityHUNT!

  cityHUNT was featured in a story on NPR, and totally rocked it!  So we have decided in sharing the story with you, we are going to give you a chance to join in on the awesomeness!  You could win a prize for listening to the interview. See details below. All photos, media and transcripts […]

Wall Street Journal

We made the Journal cityHUNT is mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article  ”Games, Outings Keep Workers Connected” by SIMONA COVEL. In this article  gamification in regards to team building is discussed.  Innovative solutions are key.  Three companies that offer innovative team building solutions are compared.  Check out the full article  here!

NY Post

THE BOND TRADE CORPORATE TEAM-BUILDING EVENTS ARE GROWING IN NUMBER – AND IN VARIETY By DIANE MEHTA ON most afternoons, Corey McCarthy and Antonette Maysonet are hard at work in the offices of Optimedia, a SoHo media agency. Today, though, they’re stalking a Greenwich Village sidewalk with a different agenda – cornering a passerby who […]

Successful Meetings Magazine

January 9th, 2008 By Corrie Dosh “Teambuilding event” can be an agenda item that sends shivers down the spines of meeting attendees, who may envision building towers out of office chairs, trust falls, or other often pointless efforts to bond. So in October, when a member company of insurance giant AIG brought a group of […]

BizBash {PDF}

cityHUNT creates special scavenger hunts that send people on adventures around town. The company specializes themes, often around neighborhoods

metro NY

Hunting and gathering for urban workers. INSTITUTIONALIZED corporate bonding is big business these days. Managers and executives are paying thousands of dollars to outside consultants and corporate retreats to get their staff to read more