So, what makes a good team? Business owners, coaches and other group leaders all around the world ask themselves this question. One obvious answer to this question would be the development of basic teamwork. If you and the people you work with can work together in a positive, efficient manner, than anything is possible. cityHUNT believes that when it comes to building team work within a group, participating in unique, engaging events is a great place to start.

SMALLThis team is tries to get around Midtown on a bicycle built for sixOur business was created with one purpose in mind: to change the world one scavenger hunt at a time. Now, how are scavenger hunts related to teamwork? Well, a scavenger hunt would be boring – not to mention very difficult – if it was done alone. But when a scavenger hunt takes place with a group, people have to work together to achieve a common goal. This makes hunts one of the best team building activities and a solution to the question of what makes a good team.

Corporations, families, schools, government agencies and sports teams all must function with a goal of having excellent teamwork. Here at cityHUNT, we want to help groups strengthen their leadership skills, their ability to form a cohesive unit and their willingness to work well together. We understand that in the natural corporate environment there will always be obstacles to good teamwork. Maybe your job is boring. Relations with other employees may be tense. Or perhaps your job is extremely stressful. If you’ve ever suffered through awkward icebreakers, you know how ineffective they can be at actually building a sense of real teamwork. A good team can be made up of a variety of people, but all good teams have some qualities in common. What makes a good team is communication, collaboration, and effective problem solving.

Now your group has the chance to go out and practice your teamwork skills on a scavenger hunt! cityHUNT will specifically design a scavenger hunt experience for you and your team members. Take advantage of an opportunity to find out what makes good teams work well together in a fun and low stress environment, while competing against another team. You will discover each others’ skills and talents while even learning a little bit more about yourself along the way.

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