An Engaging Treasure Hunt Washington DC Groups Will Love

Here at cityHUNT, we believe that Washington DC is one of the greatest landscapes for a team building treasure hunt. Whether your team has seen it all before or will be experiencing the monuments, museums and landmarks for the first time, cityHUNT’s fun-filled, challenging treasure hunts Washington DC will give everyone a new way to experience the city! Your team will have the opportunity to experience many of the following:

  • distinct patterned layout of the city
  • a visit to the National Mall
  • American history first hand
  • the Smithsonian Institute’s many museums
  • the White House
  • breathtaking views of famous architecture

And they will be able to do this while also competing with fellow team members in picture challenges, races and clue discoveries. Now that is truly the ultimate treasure hunt Washington DC groups could ever experience!

CityHUNT has been offering treasure hunts in Washington DC for over a decade and we work with major corporate clients in this region, including Phacil, Navy Federal, Exxon Mobil, and Capital One. These clients, along with our many others, would be able to tell you that cityHUNT truly delivers on our promises. When we say fun, we mean fun! That’s why all of our treasure hunts are guaranteed. If your group doesn’t have a great time, you don’t pay. We’re do confident because we know that Washington DC makes treasure hunting easy and exciting. There are so many wonderful things to learn and see while in this historic city.

When we plan a custom treasure hunt in Washington DC for your team, you can be sure that you will be getting the best possible team building experience. We will help you determine the best date, length of the hunt, specific location and activities that will be included. Did you know that you can request a hunt that will take just a few hours or one that can last several days? The particular needs of your team will be met as we customize an event just for your group.
Create great memories with your team and go back to the office more unified than ever!

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