Ever Thought of Putting on a Team Building Treasure Hunt in San Diego?

Participate in a cityHUNT treasure hunt San Diego adventure as your next out of the office group activity, and we promise it’ll be the best team building event you’ve ever done! cityHUNT is a well-established and successful team building company that has been designing and running innovative group activities all over the United States (and abroad) for the past ten years. Our team building adventures have proven to be the answer that so many leaders have been searching for because they are enjoyable and also effective! Every activity is custom designed for your particular team, which means that every hunt is a little different and each client is treated with personalized service. We’ll consult with you and then design a scavenger adventure that will encourage participants to grow in the areas where they need it most.

Some of our most sought after adventures are our city scavenger and treasure hunts in San Diego. In major cities all over the world, cityHUNT is designing and overseeing awesome scavenger hunt adventures for teams of all kinds. If you’re a team leader in the San Diego area looking for a day out of the office and a chance to open up new ways to encourage growth and friendship among your team, come participate in a treasure hunt San Diego with cityHUNT! Once you contact us, we will help you figure out all the logistics like when to hold the activity, how long you want it to last, where the event should start, how many people to plan for, ect. Once this information is discussed, our adventure engineers will begin planning your team’s unique hunt.

After about two weeks, your treasure hunt in San Diego will be fully prepared and all that will be left to do is to actually start hunting! Directions will always be easy to understand and clearly communicated so that your team can start the day off on the right foot. Participants will be led by a series of clues, challenges, races and games through San Diego’s most famous streets and right by some of the coolest landmarks. cityHUNT is so sure that each team member will enjoy him/herself that we actually guarantee our hunts! If your team doesn’t have fun, you get your money back.

Treasure Hunt San Diego | Treasure Hunt in San Diego

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