The Most Rewarding Treasure Hunt Philly Businesses Have Experienced

cityHUNT was founded with the goal of facilitating team building within the corporate environment. But we decided that instead of staying in the office, we should take our unique events outside onto the streets of Philly. We provide an opportunity for the most rewarding treasure hunt Philly business teams have experienced. Life in the office can become dull and boring pretty quickly. Our treasure hunts help give your staff some perspective by getting employees away from their desks and into a fun environment that they can enjoy with coworkers. If you’re tired of doing awkward icebreakers and uninspiring teambuilding activities, contact cityHUNT today.

To us, the most exciting treasure hunt Philly has to offer is one that gives your team the opportunity to have a great time while also experiencing the uniqueness of the city. Philly is brimming with historical places and facts that are a part of this country’s foundation. The architecture is gorgeous through the entire city. Many people in Philly spend time commuting to work each week, but don’t have the time to notice the beauty of the city. You and your coworkers will be able to be enjoy landmarks with rich history as you work together to solve clues, complete challenges and race to the finish. Afterall, Philly is considered the City of Brotherly Love and cityHUNT can help inject some of that love into your workplace!

If you are sick of dealing with office politics and just want everyone to get along, consider taking part in a treasure hunt in Philly. The office can become a stressful environment, but with a little creativity, your team could be reinvigorated with that spark of motivation they need! imagine racing around Philly looking for the next clue. You will quickly learn more about your co-workers and who they are away from their desk. Here at cityHUNT, we believe the teamwork that is created naturally during our events can be transferred back to the workplace. cityHUNT offers treasure hunts all across the country, but we are especially proud to offer them in the beautiful city of Philadelphia.

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