When you participate in a treasure hunt Philadelphia with cityHUNT, you will not only have a blast, but will also be amazed at the results! We are so confident that our hunts provide everything a team building activity should include that we actually guarantee their success! If your team doesn’t have a great time, you’ll get your money back. cityHUNT is one of the leading team building companies in the U.S. and has been designing and running team building activities for the past ten years in major cities across the U.S. and overseas as well. Our innovative staff will work directly with you to custom-design the best possible treasure hunt in Philadelphia for your team. After we determine the basics together (i.e. things like length of the hunt, geography of the hunt, number of participants, date and time to begin, etc.), our staff will go to work preparing the best team building activity you could imagine. Our treasure hunt Philadelphia adventures will lead participants on wild and challenging races that involve following clues, engaging team members and overcoming obstacles. Your team will not only have a great day out of the office, but will also learn how to work together outside of their typical work setting. Individual personalities will be given a chance to shine and we’re confident that everyone will enjoy themselves thoroughly. Whether members of your team are new to Philly or have grown up in the city, our Philadelphia area scavenger hunts will give everyone a taste of the history and the culture – all from a new perspective! If you’re wanting to plan a worthwhile team building activity to get your employees out of the office and allow them to connect on a deeper level, contact cityHUNT today to begin planning a wonderful scavenger hunt! We’re sure that your entire team will be thanking you for it afterwards!

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