The smell of fresh made pizza, the crowded streets, the famous landmarks…these all make up an average day’s experience for a New York City resident. However, on their daily walk or ride to and from work, employees may barely notice the uniqueness and energetic nature of their city. The reality is that the average person spends so many hours each week at their desk inside their place of work, that they forget to enjoy their surroundings. Here at cityHUNT, we’ve set out to change that. Because we believe that New York is an amazing city and we know that we have a product that can boost employee morale and overall workplace happiness, we’re happy to offer the best treasure hunt New York teams could ever ask for! Taking part in a treasure hunt in New York is a great way to accomplish multiple goals simultaneously. We’d recommend this kind of fun event for your next team building experience if you’re interested in:
  • Creating a fun, engaging experience for your team or group to enjoy together
  • Doing something completely unique and different – something your team will remember and talk about for a long time
  • Facilitating team building through the use of fun challenges and competitions
  • Experiencing your city in a unique way while enjoying it with co-workers
cityHUNT specializes in building unique hunts, so we can create an event that will accomplish exactly what your team needs. We’ll make use of some of the highlights and landmarks around the city so that you can truly experience a treasure hunt New York style! We even guarantee that your group will love their experience. Your team has a blast or you get your money back! Ask us about our policy. If your corporate group or personal party is interested in participating in the most unique and interactive treasure hunt New York can offer, you’ll have to call cityHUNT today. There’s a reason we’re known for developing the best events around. Find out what makes a cityHUNT hunt so special!

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