If your corporate office has become stuffy and boring, consider taking your team out onto the streets for a treasure hunt in NYC. cityHUNT was founded with the vision and mission to help your business facilitate office relationships and teambuilding skills. If your office environment is lacking in excitement, spontaneity, and ingenuity, maybe you need to get your staff out of the office for a few quality hours of fresh air and fun. We serve all kinds of companies, from small businesses to Fortune 500 clients. New and innovative ideas are what cause businesses to grow and thrive. cityHUNT events are designed to foster those innovative ideas and encourage a more friendly and productive work environment. To experience the treasure hunt NYC companies are excited about, contact us today. cityHUNT offers teambuilding activities, like treasure hunts, to clients in cities across the nation. Through us, you can experience the most exciting urban treasure hunt NYC has to offer. Not only will you build friendships with your co-workers, but you will also experience the city in a whole new way. Maybe you only see parts of the city as you rush to work or go out on a Friday night. With cityHUNT, the entire city is ready and waiting for you to experience and enjoy on a new level. During the treasure hunt, your team may travel across the entire city from Central Park to Chelsea to Grand Central Terminal and beyond. cityHUNT is especially excited to offer treasure hunts in NYC because of the city’s unique cultural diversity, ongoing activities and opportunities, and the physical beauty of the area. Since NYC is so vast, there are always new places to hunt and discover. We have been planning treasure hunts here for almost 15 years and have yet to run out of fun places to send our participants. Everyone who goes on one of our hunts always enjoys the opportunity to get out of the office and experience the city. To schedule the ultimate treasure hunt NYC residents are talking about, call cityHUNT today.

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