CityHUNT exists to meet the needs of professional or social groups that are looking for a whole new way to encourage team building and facilitate unique, fun experiences among their members. In addition to organizing scavenger hunts and treasure hunts, we can also assist your corporation in creating an experiential marketing event to better promote your brand within the context of a fun activity! Or, if you are interested in a treasure hunt DC for a social group, you’re in the right place! We develop custom city adventures for bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations and even for wedding groups. When you host a treasure hunt in DC, you’ll benefit from the natural beauty and history that set the backdrop for the event. We’ll consult with you to find out the ideal location for your hunt. This might be the fun, trendy Dupont Circle circle area, which is full of restaurants, shops and busy streets! You may decide to take a more historic approach and have your hunt planned around the National Mall area where your group can take in the sights of the famous, beautiful DC monuments. Do you have another idea of somewhere else in the city that you think would make for the ultimate treasure hunt DC experience? Tell us! We’ll work with you to plan the perfect event for your group. Our specialty is providing you with a comprehensive planning and implementation package. When you use cityHUNT for your next team building event, you can rest at ease, knowing all of the details are being taken care of by experienced professionals. Just bring your group to the designated location at the appropriate start time and we’ll have everything prepared for you – maps, clues, game rules, etc! So whether your hunt takes you through the famous Smithsonian Institute’s National Air & Space Museum, past the White House or along the National Mall, you’ll be sure to have the absolutely best treasure hunt DC can offer your group!

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