Are you part of a professional team in NYC and looking for a creative way to get your team members more excited about working together? Are you just tired of the typical day at the office and want to spice things up a bit? CityHUNT is a professional teambuilding company that has been offering event opportunities for teams all across the U.S and abroad for the past decade. We specialize in creating customized scavenger hunts, designed for working adults who would appreciate a day out on the town together. Our scavenger hunts are fun, engaging and always have positive results – in fact, we guarantee them! Whether your team has been working together for 50 years or you need to motivate and help tighten a newly formed or temporary group, teambuilding NYC scavenger hunts from cityHUNT are sure to help you achieve your goals. Here’s how it works: you contact us and together we will choose the best possible date for your event. After a few initial questions, we will have knowledge of how many people to plan for and what types of particular things you would like the teambuilding NYC event to focus on. With this information in hand, our staff will spend about two weeks planning and preparing your team’s custom city hunt! Because every single hunt is particularly planned for one special team, each one is unqiue and designed to help your team have the most rewarding experience. Hunts can be anywhere from a half hour to days in length and can cover a variety of famous as well as more unique landmarks, depending on the geographic area you’d like to cover. Whether your team members have lived in NYC for their entire lives or are new to the area, each one will experience the city in new and exciting ways through the challenges, races and picture games along the route of the hunt. Teambuilding NYC hunts are sure to get your team excited about working together and will provide them with memories and opportunities to grow relationships with one another!

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