Washington DC is the US capital and the home of many interesting museums, monuments and historic sites. This beautiful city is the focal point of the federal political scene and whether you’re from DC or have never been there before, the city always offers something new with each visit. It is a diverse and exciting city to live and work in. In fact, people from all over the world travel to DC. With it’s amazing patterned road system and unique districts, there is plenty of room to explore on one of our custom city scavenger hunts, which is a very popular activity for the kind of team building DC companies love.

If you live near DC or in the city itself, consider letting us plan your next team building event for your group. No more boring work parties or poorly planned bachelor parties. The kind of team building DC groups want are activities that allow them to have fun and experience all the sights and sounds of the city. Our scavenger hunts are customizable to fit your requests and preferences. But what is non-negotiable is fun! Our clients always have fun on our scavenger hunts, regardless of other factors such as traffic, weather, etc. This is one of our most favorite cities to plan events in because it is so beautiful and broad. Our scavenger hunts in DC are particularly popular events. They usually last from one to three hours and at the end of every scavenger hunt is an optional multi-media awards show. We are willing to work with your schedule on this. In fact, everything about your personalized team building DC adventure will be customized to fit your groups’ needs. For many groups, a scavenger hunt is a perfect way to bond, deepen relationships, and have a lot of fun. But if you’re interested in other kinds of innovative team building activities, just ask! We have a wide variety of options available.

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