cityHUNT has created some of the most innovative team builder activities that have ever been experienced by corporate and private groups alike. We’ve brought new life to an old classic – team building through scavenger hunting. As you search for clues and answers, you and your team will quickly bond as you seek to accomplish a common goal. When asked to complete challenges and follow clues, a good-natured spirit of competition can take place as your team members race to be first. cityHUNT customizes each and every team building scavenger hunt and ensures that it is unique from all others. Your team builder activity will be specifically tailored to your needs and the layout of the city you are in. Team BuilderTeam builder activities are created to foster attitudes of enjoyment and mutual cooperation. Whether you lead a youth group, a club, or a corporate office, cityHUNT believes that better teams can always be built. If you are experiencing a lack of teamwork in your group, we invite you to take a look at the events we offer. We have people from all over the country participate in our team building adventures. They usually report walking away with a great sense of appreciation for their teammates and often comment on the new memories that have been made. Encouraging everyone to work together is the key to team building. Engaging group activities convey the message that everyone is needed to complete the task at hand. We deliver clues in unexpected ways so that everyone can have a turn at trying to decipher where to go next. Team builder events lead to team thinking, which will benefit everyone involved when they head back to their place of influence, whether at home or at work. This beneficial end result is what cityHUNT is all about. A complex adventure awaits you and your team…come join us!

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