Whether you work in an office that’s getting a little stale, you want to plan an awesome birthday party for a friend, or you’re celebrating a life milestone, cityHUNT has the perfect group activity for you. A scavenger hunt in New York City could be the perfect choice for a fun way to explore the city with coworkers or friends and learn more about the city that never sleeps. cityHUNT has developed an avenue for your group to utilize creativity, teamwork, and communication – all while also having a great time! Even if you walk to work every day in the city, chances are you haven’t been able to explore all of NYC. Our scavenger hunts will allow you to do just that! An urban adventure is a great way to reconnect with old friends, get to know your coworkers better, or experience the adventure of a lifetime. Work your way through the city while seeing famous monuments and buildings as well focusing on searching for your next clue or item. Our events are customizable to age range, preferred activity level, and other factors. We provide items you will need to complete the hunt, including a guide who will remain with you throughout the event and a digital camera to take photographs along the way. Of course, a good scavenger hunt New York City wouldn’t be complete without a little competition, so you will be racing against another team to finish first. Once the race is finished, all pictures have been submitted, and the scavenger hunt is completed, cityHUNT will provide a wrap up session and evaluation, complete with a media presentation to share everyone’s awesome pictures. This is a time to reflect on the hunt, laugh over new memories, and learn tips on how your team could have performed even better. Scavenger hunt New York City experiences are great team building activities for families, friends, and corporate groups. If you’re interested in setting one up for your next event, contact us for information. We can discuss how to customize the event to your particular preferences.

Scavenger Hunt New York City | Scavenger Hunt in New York City