A Scavenger Hunt DC Employees Will Remember for a Long Time

cityHUNT offers the kind of scavenger hunt DC participants will never forget and will be talking about for years to come. if you want an exciting day out of the office with your team to enhance relationships and build team work, you’ve come to the right place! Our custom designed, amazing hunts will take you through and around the great city of Washington DC. We will design the hunt just for you and your group and guarantee that each and every person will have a blast – or you get your money back!

Customized DC scavenger hunts take about two weeks for our creative staff to plan for your group; so, if you’re interested in scheduling one of these great events, don’t wait to call! Your scavenger hunt DC options are varied. You can choose a one hour, quick jaunt through the city with just a few participants and a handful of clues and challenges or you can have a full blown day (or even weekend!) of fun with a large group. No matter what your particular needs are we will ensure that everything is just as you specify and we guarantee that our plans will exceed your expectations.

DC is a great place to have a hunt. Even for those who have lived in the city for a long time, the hunt will help open eyes to seeing new perspectives of the city and finding spots that have been previously unexplored. From the amazing array of national monuments to all the free museums of the Smithsonian, there are so many interesting places to go and unique things to see. Our scavenger hunts in DC will take you on an adventure around the city as you follow clues, complete challenges and have a great time with your team. At the end of the hunt, we can even plan an “after party” where teams can view a slideshow of the day’s events and have a chance to recap all of the important and fun moments together.

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