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Have you ever wished that there was a new way to explore New York City? You’ve seen the Statue of Liberty, toured Rockefeller Center, and visited Times Square. You have done all of the ‘tourist’ attractions, yet you desire to see more. cityHUNT has developed a new way to explore NYC, with NYC scavenger hunts! These scavenger hunts allow you to explore areas of the city in a more in depth manner than you probably previously have before.

During our NYC scavenger hunts you will become adventurers through a neighborhood in the city.  You will solve clues and decipher puzzles along the journey that lead you to uncover little known facts, and places about and around the area. Deep down, I am sure you’ve pondered if your city holds secrets. (How cool!) Picture how thrilling it would be to uncover facts about your place of residence like you’ve never imagined. (Think about all the people you’d impress with your new, vast knowledge! Bragging rights ultimately yours forever.)

We have been building these spectacular hunts for over 10 years now. With each passing year we have gathered more knowledge about this grand city, enabling us to continually improve our NYC scavenger hunts.  cityHUNT is dedicated to this innovation, because we feel that constantly enhancing our services based on new knowledge of the city and our customers needs/wants is what will create positive, once in a lifetime experiences for our clients.

But why New York Scavenger hunts?

Still baffled about why NYC pops up in so many conversations? Why is the Big Apple of such dazzling importance to fellow new yorkers? New York is a vibrant city whose proud heritage cannot be dimmed. Other than the historic origin of the original capital, New York’s reputation reads, “the city where dreams come true.” Our museums rich of history, our shops filled with hundreds of designer fashions, our restaurants where your taste-buds are spoiled… need I continue?

Experience the city for yourself. Sometimes just walking down 5th avenue or any major street is not enough. In order to truly feel surrounded by hope, love and appreciation, you need to really see dig deep. NYC scavenger hunts provide the opportunity to dive into the city’s heart and pick out all of her beautiful elements. It is not enough to briefly know about your city, you should be able to say, “I am NYC.” Each city is only as great as its individuals coexisting within in. cityHUNT creates that bond between a city and it’s proud resident; a feeling of pride everyone deserves to have. NYC scavenger hunts are specially formulated just so you can have the time of your life. Take advantage of this generous opportunity! Hunt through the streets potentially discovering secrets while making an unforgettable memory!

It’s time to city hunt with cityHUNT!