cityHUNT is full of the great corporate outing ideas Philly business groups are looking for! We’ve been working with clients for over ten years now to help build team unity and do it in fun, engaging and new ways. Everyone loves a day out of the office and most employees welcome the chance to participate in a team building activity that will offer a break from the daily grind and help them get to know their co workers better. But not all team building activities are created equal! At cityHUNT we’ve developed several ways to make your next corporate outing a real success. If you’re tired of the same old kinds of silly ice breaker games, we invite you to check out these new corporate outing ideas Philly business teams just can’t seem to get enough of! If any of them capture your attention, we encourage you to give us a call and together we can begin planning the best team building event your employees have and ever will experience.
  • Scavenger Hunt

  • Culinary Adventure

  • Facilitated Workshop

  • Bear Team Builder

  • Gameshow

Each of these team building experiences is completely customized for every team we serve. We know that your team is unique as has specific strengths and weaknesses. As soon as we have an initial consultation with you, our expert planners will begin putting together your next corporate outing, keeping in mind all of your specifications and requirements. No detail will be left out and every single member of your team is guaranteed a great time! We believe that no matter which of these corporate outing ideas in Philly you choose for your team building experience, the event will be helpful and practical while also extremely entertaining and fun. Team members will have the opportunity to build deeper relationships with one another and one thing is for sure…no one will be bored!

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