A Fun Company Team Building Activity is Always a Hit

Some people enjoy the regular routine of cake and punch for a corporate party or team building get-together. But for others, a greater adventure awaits that will really bring a company team building to the next leave. cityHUNT offers corporate team building events designed to thrill and engage your employees. Our team of experts works to design each of our city scavenger hunt events to be as unique as possible. We customize the hunt based on your preferences and work with the local feel of the city you choose. We take pride in our complex, urban adventures and guarantee that your team will have a great time. Leave your cake and punch at the office and check out our website for the list of cities we currently operate in.

Company Team BuildingFor your company team building activity, your team will be asked to do some detective work. Your team will need to work together to solve puzzling and cryptic clues in order to move on and complete the challenges. Clues will be well-hidden, so every team member should be on the lookout. You will also have a photo challenge along the way. cityHUNT will provide you with a digital camera and your team will need to take pictures as you go, capturing specific items or actions. This is just part of completing the unique company team building event that we will design for you.

Once you have completed the photo challenge and all the clues, you and your team will meet up with your guide. He or she will then direct you in a specific team building activity. Each team member must play a role in the exercise in order to finish the challenge. A company team building event would not be complete without a lot of fun and a little competition…and cityHUNT event provide both! Once your team has completed the event, our guides can also provide you with helpful feedback on how your team did and how you can improve teamwork and communication skills in the future.

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