Step #1 Check out the brand new and watch a video with a word in its title that goes with “Vin”. How many times does the word BROADWAY appear clearly on the screen? _____=y Since you are already on the site check out this video about this “visionary “ company where Spiderman may work. These guys from Wharton were tired of paying how much for glasses? ____=x Step #2 Plug the answers into the equation below to find your longitude and latitude 540.748690 – x = Latitude -74.985807 + y = Longitude (HINT answer will be a negative number, don’t forget the decimal point) Step #3 Go to and plug in the coordinates Step #4 For a chance to win a $100 in experiences passes to a brand new cityHUNT Urban Adventure (we will draw 5 names at random) email the correct answer to the question below to What is the name of this steel icon you just plotted online?