We just wanted to share a posting from our friend Stella Grizont, the Founder of WOOPAAH!

Recently, Stella shared an experience that has us all believing.

A fever woke Stella from her sleep one night, threatening to derail her from a huge WOOPAAH experience scheduled for the next day. With her body aching and exhausted, Stella was certain that she would have to reschedule and anticipated the disappointment felt by her client.

However, a call from Ben (yep, our Chief Experience Officer of the one and only cityHUNT) had given her the best medicine, no pharmacist could prescribe: BELIEF in POSITIVITY!

“Stella, I KNOW you can do this. I’m already seeing you at your event and it’s a huge success. Your body is going to heal and perform for you. It’s going to be great. I KNOW this!”

…And perform & succeed she did!

What was this healing power? Ben’s certainty. There is power & strength in believing.

Click here to check out the article on WOOPAAH’s blog.

Wait, wait wait…you haven’t heard of WOOPAAH?

Let cityHUNT introduce you to the positivity playground.

WOOPAAH’s mission is for you to leave feeling more alive, creative, connected and happy than when you walked in.

As found on WOOPAAH’s site, “the root of all untapped potential is NOT about following a 10-step program, improving skill level, time or even money – it is in generating positivity!”

Stella created WOOPAAH to help people lead their most creative, exciting and meaningful lives.

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Or if you & your team are in the neighborhood, contact WOOPAAH for customized events in their NYC location.

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