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Where would you go?

The weather has been such a tease. Our calendars are booked solid with work work work. And crap! No office holidays until Memorial Day Weekend? We need to get away. Far...far...away! Lucky for you, cityHUNT has an app for that...well, we have a solution to your cubicle-stir-crazy-migraine-inducing-agenda. cityHUNT has JetBlue Round Trip Airline Tickets. Could [...]

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Cinco De Mayo + Food Trucks = cityHUNT Dreams Come True

Our friends at iAdventures have just made our mouth-watering dreams come true. By putting a heartwarming (heart-burn-ing?) twist on one of our favorite days to celebrate, Cinco de Mayo! Join us all at the South Street Seaport and don't forget to bring your appetite along too. NYC's best food trucks, of ALL cuisines, will be [...]

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its not even my birthday


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Shattuck Birthday March 2012


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