Gift Giving is no longer an Adventure!

We scouted out the best gifts to give…and get this holiday season, now bring on the office pot luck.

    two pencils crossed like drumsticks Drumstick Pencils Turn a coworker’s annoying pen tapping into a masterful symphony         image of an iphone support gadget, that props the phone up

Mobile Tail

A support system for mobile devices while you “research” your favorite youtube videos

          "Trash-ket-ball game. a waster paper basket with a backboard Waste Basketball A second-life to all those office reminders: Reduce, Reuse and REBOUND.           iphone on a window sill being charged by a solar powered phone charger.

Solar Powered Phone Charger

Now all you need is the corner office with the big windows and a lot of light!

            iphone projector, shows iphone sitting in a slot on the top and a projector under it iPhone Projector Holiday After-Party photo slideshow anyone?